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Exclusive premiere of the video “Leaves of Three” by Meter Bridge!

Meter Bridge are Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu of Nelson, BC, and we’ve been digging their darkwave for some time now. “Leaves of Three” is from their latest album ‘Contact High’. The video is a delightful and highly original work of animation by Jesse Stasiuk. “Jill Beaulieu and I sat down for coffee back in […]

Beta Test, 1, 2: Meter Bridge, Delivering The Synth Goods.

1. What’s in a name? Is there a story behind your artist name (if not going by given name)? Yes the story involves a friend that was over at our house. He noticed that the meter bridge on our mixing board was not working. He said “hey your meter bridge isn’t working”. And Richard said […]

Contact High Review – Keith Whitham

Keith Whitham Review Contact High


Unless you’ve been spending a few months dead you’ll be very aware of the return this year of Meter Bridge, the bouncy duo from the vastlands of Nelson, Canada. Jill and Richard have spent a good amount of time and energy creating their second full length release, and after a few false starts it landed on Earth at the end of September. And finger on the pulse as always, I’m only just getting to it now. Such is life in 2017. Everyone is busier somehow now, and there’s a lot of vitriol being spat across the net since Mr Trump strolled onto the scene. Music feels like it’s somehow taking a back seat to this guy, rightly or wrongly. However, if you’re here, reading this, then you’ve taken time out from it all, and you’ve landed yourself on the shores of a divine album. You’ll enjoy your stay.

Contact High

About An emotional, lyrically expressive collection revealing themes of love, loss, critical thought process, mediocre life and provocation. Musically modern and edgy while awakening memories of sophistipop. We locked ourselves away for a winter and came up with the pieces for this album. We had technical support from Gravityslip of Manchester UK. Once we sent […]

Beta Test

About The first single off the Contact High album Credits music and lyrics written by Meter Bridge produced + engineered by Mark LaFountain / Mind Veneration Music from Beta Test, released April 14th, 2017

Meter Bridge Live Electro London 2016

About Electro London 2016: Wolfgang Flür/Promenade Cinema/The Department/Johnny Normal/Circuit 3/Vogon Poetry/Meter Bridge/Shiny Darkness/3D/Neil Francis/Strobegirl Zigfrid von Underbelly, London – 10 September 2016 Review By: Rob Dyer,

Elegant Culture

About Black Marine and Meter Bridge will, on June 1st announce their first EP Elegant Culture. A beautiful collaboration has resulted with a wonderful song with lead vocal by Jill Beaulieu from Meter Bridge. Credits Black Marine (SRB/AT) Meter Bridge (CAN) Voice: Jill Beaulieu Guitar and music: Richard Kleef Lyrics by Meter Bridge (Jill & […]

Meter Bridge Live Review at the Royal in Nelson BC

About Jill Beaulieu and Richard Kleef of Meter Bridge locked eyes as they sang the refrain from Kite. Years of perseverance and passion flowed through that look—an encapsulation of the work they put in leading to their debut live performance at the Royal in Nelson, BC. Written By: Mosang Miles Mosang Miles has his finger […]


About On the trail of their recent single ‘It Was Nothing’, Canadian synthwave duo Meter Bridge have announced they will be releasing their latest maxi-single ‘Filter / Kite’ through WEATNU Records. It includes three tracks – ‘Filter’, ‘Kite’ and a Mind Veneration Remix by Mark LaFountain. The two original tracks for this new single feature […]

New Artist of the Day – Louder than War

About As far as independent labels go, WEATNU Records has spread its tentacles far and wide, not only in terms of its geographical coverage, but also in regards to the genres its artists cover – from indie, dreampop and electronica to synthpop, ambient, experimental, downtempo and electro. The latest release to be announced by the […]

Meter Bridge – It Was Nothing – The Rodney Cromwell Mix

from ‘It was Nothing’ Rodney Cromwell Remix by Rodney Cromwell About Rodney Cromwell has remixed Meter Bridge’s post punk industrial track ‘It Was Nothing’ and added his lively electro-dance analogue synth feels. Credits from ‘It was Nothing’ Rodney Cromwell Remix, released December 6, 2015 RODNEY CROMWELL (Adam Cresswell) Remix productiion (Adam Cresswell and Dom Cresswell) […]

Meter Bridge: Electro London

Meter Bridge is very excited to play Electro London in September 2016!

Latest Release – Slow Motion

This full length album is a natural conclusion to our eponymous EP. Dark rich vocals, full of variation, some heavy themes over predominantly light and trippy synthpop that has real weight when the track channels all kick in together.


Marvelous Proposition


Debut Album Available Now!!

Meter Bridge has just made their self titled debut EP available for order from BandCamp. It is a cohesive collection of darkpop postpunk inspired tracks. Also included is the option to order a limited edition cd with beautiful album art designed by RSO. Lovingly sealed in stamped handmade paper. This is all original music mixed […]

Radio Flote

Check out Meter Bridge’s profile on this beautiful site based in Bangalore, India We share the company of many excellent artists

Meter Bridge on Music Eternal

Check out the Meter Bridge profile on this extensive site, Music Eternal.  An impressive site moderated by a very passionate staff. Music Eternal is a website that is dedicated to supporting the music world. They strive to be the standard that all areas of the music world can rely on.

New Compilation Album from DEF, features a song by Meter Bridge

A wicked set of songs by some amazing artists including the track LET GO by Meter BridgeFREE DOWNLOAD Sea Sun Synth and Sand compilation album is now available on bandcamp Music Eternal is a website that is dedicated to supporting the music world. They strive to be the standard that all areas of the […]


Our Youtube channel Check out Meter Bridge on Facebook Listen to Meter Bridge on Sound Cloud Tweet us on Twitter Features: Andy Jay’s Revival Synth Skatterfilter Steffi’s find a song included on Andrew Skerat Kennedy’s Synthopia Derek Anthony Williams and Mat Handley’s Donkaster Elekronische Freundschaft CJLY Bluetown Electronica (Sheppey FM) CiTR You, the Night & […]